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Giants Session

The Techno genre, not Hard Dance, but good Techno is, to me anyway, an amazing sound and experience. Recently we have been practicing with some of the technique's from some of the greats and created a number of attempts.

I have used stuff from Tom Hades, Paul Nolan, Computer Music to create the genre specific areas and Production Music Live - what a fantastic service to learn about all genres of Electronic Dance Music.

With Giants Session, I love that bouncy style baseline, which has a pitch up on the "and of 3", which gives it a happy feel. At the same time I am using the Techno Rumble send technique on the kick and the kick click, to create that deep underlying rumble.

Everything below 120Hz is sent to Mono and I use iZotope Imager to create stereo effects, what a cool plug-in that is.

This blog will be used to show you how I went about producing and track and I use inspiration from Syence and Hyperbits to finish the tracks.

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