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Novation Circuit Tracks

It was the early 90's and I had the music bug. By this time I had been clubbing and loved the electronic music that was hitting and would hit in the '90s. I can do this myself I thought. So I set about building a studio on a set of shelves placed on the wall of my 2x2m bedroom!

I bought a second-hand drum machine, that I never understood how to work. I bought a MIDI keyboard, but when it arrived it was something called a Novation Bass Station.

Well I bought more than a keyboard, this Bass Station was a synthesiser - but I could not make any sound, I did not yet have an audio interface.

Eventually, I would find a way to make them sound and even record them. But this was at least 6 months later and I was done.

An up and coming band wanted to buy a drum machine. They came over with the little money they had and bought the drum machine. I gave them the Bass Station.

But that was my first experience with Novation gear. I recently purchased the Circuit Tracks and WOW. Watch the next few blogs for more.

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