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TD-3 - not the modded version

I could not resist the behringer TD-3 in black. I wish now I had bought yellow, with the Acid House face on it, but honestly, it was 25GBP more than the black version. Overall the cost is amazing for an analog synth that is a really good recreation of Roland TB-303 from the 1980's.

Originally made to mimic a bass player, it did not work and was a commercial flop - until one creative day when a DJ put it in a track and Acid House was born. No one has ever looked back.

There are some great soft synth versions of the 303, not least of which is Roland's own synth, albeit part of a subscription to Roland Cloud.


Phoscon from D16

But the hardware version is ideal with MIDI In, MIDI Out/Thru and USB MIDI In and Out. The magic of this instrument is the sequencer and to program it is identical to TB303 - madness, tricky and you need to know what you want before you start, but magic all the same.

I highly recommend it.

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